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Texas Divorce Online is a service created in Texas that allows you to complete your official Texas Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, commonly known as divorce, online.

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How to File and Finalize a Divorce in Texas

The following is a brief and general summary of how to file and finalize a divorce in Texas once you have received your completed documents. When you are actually going through the process, you should refer to the detailed, county-specific case filing and case finalization instructions prepared for you by Texas Divorce Online. Further, the following instructions only apply to a divorce in Texas using the Texas Divorce Online Uncontested Divorce Process and do not reflect the processes and procedures involved in contested divorce cases or cases where service of process is required.

  1. Sign and have your spouse sign all the documents provided to you by Texas Divorce Online. After signing, make two sets of copies of your official divorce documents (one for you and one for your spouse). Be sure that you and your spouse complete the Financial Affidavits provided to you.
  2. Take the original documents and two sets of copies to the courthouse in the county where you elected to file your divorce case.
  3. Pay the mandatory court fees to the Clerk. (If you are unable to pay the court filing fees you may obtain an Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status.)
  4. Give your original paperwork to the Clerk. The Clerk will keep your original divorce documents. Ask the clerk to conform your two sets of copies. Conforming copies means the clerk will “stamp” that the documents have been received by the court, and will state the day on which the court received the documents.
  5. Write the case number on your copies. You should do this while still at the window with the Clerk, unless she/he asks you to step aside and do it at another location. This is a very important step, and you want to be sure to complete it accurately.
  6. Set a court date. You must obtain a date and time for you and/or your spouse to appear for your hearing before the judge who will sign your final orders and grant your divorce.
  7. Attend the court hearing. On the date and time assigned, attend the final hearing. The spouse listed as the Petitioner must attend the hearing. If you qualify for and have filed a Simplified Divorce, then both spouses must attend the hearing. If you have not filed a Simplified Divorce and if the Respondent has waived his/her appearance when filing his/her Answer, then the Respondent is not required to appear.