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Texas Divorce Online is a service created in Texas that allows you to complete your official Texas Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, commonly known as divorce, online.

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Important Texas Divorce Issues

Ending a marriage often entails financial and emotional strain not only on the divorcing spouses, but on their children, too. Difficult decisions have to be made. Lifestyle changes are often required after divorce. Understanding the issues involved in the divorce process before filing for divorce can help you better prepare for and navigate the divorce process.

The following are the basic issues that need to be addressed and resolved in a divorce:

If you and your spouse reach agreement on all of these issues, then your divorce will be "uncontested." If you know this to be the case and if you and your spouse agree that you want to resolve your case in this way, then you can use Texas Divorce Online for your divorce.

If, however, you and your spouse disagree on how to resolve any of these issues, then your divorce will not be "uncontested." This does not necessarily mean that you will need a judge to decide the issues for you. It is often the case that spouses do not want to argue, but they need help and guidance in understanding the issues and the law, and then coming up with ideas to help reach their overall resolution. In these situations, participating in mediation with a trained family law mediator is often a successful option. You may elect to work with a mediator to resolve any outstanding issues, and then, once you have complete agreement, you can return and use Texas Divorce Online for your dissolution process.